Borosilicate Glass Bottles.

Borosilicate Glass Bottles.


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A Bottle created with Care and Passion - Our Double wall borosilicate glass bottle. It has an LED touch thermometer incorporated in to the top of the lid and tea infuser inside. 1 CR 2450 battery included.
Leakproof. Capacity: 390 ml. Leak free.

"What is Borosilicate Glass?"
Most people don’t realise is that not all glass is created equally. Borosilicate glass is a special kind of glass which incorporates two chemicals in high concentration: boron trioxide and silica. These safe and environmentally-friendly chemicals make borosilicate glass more heat resistant than other forms of glass on the market.

"Is Borosilicate Glass safe or toxic?"
Just like regular glass, borosilicate glass is completely non-toxic. Companies like Pyrex use it as a safe material to make heat-resistant glass jugs, glass bottles, and cookware. Food and drink from borosilicate containers often taste better because the material does not leach out, as it does in plastic bottles and other BPA-containing packaging.

"Is Borosilicate Glass BPA free?"
Borosilicate glass itself is BPA-free. However, some products which use borosilicate may have other components made from BPA plastic.

"Is Borosilicate Glass safe to drink from?"
Borosilicate glass is safe to drink from, just like regular glass. Borosilicate glass helps you to improve sustainability and keep plastic waste out of landfill, which is good news for the environment. Plastic pollution is a significant concern, so using a reusable jug or bottle made of borosilicate glass can help enormously.